Non-Surgical Hair Transplant

Hair loss is primarily caused by a combination of aging, a change in hormones, and a family history of baldness. As a rule, the earlier hair loss begins, the more severe the baldness will become. Hair loss can also be caused by burns or trauma, in which case hair replacement is considered a reconstructive treatment. If you and your doctor have determined that hair transplants are the best option for you, you can feel comfortable knowing that board-certified plastic surgeons have been successfully performing this type of procedure for more than thirty years. If you’re considering hair replacement, Hair world will give you a basic understanding of the variety of procedures involved. It can’t answer all of your questions, since a lot depends on your individual circumstances. You can ask if there is anything you don’t understand about the procedure you plan to have. On-surgical hair replacement procedures attach a thin transparent layer of polyurethane to the scalp, forming a tight membrane which acts as ‘a second layer of skin’. The hair replacement membrane will have previously been implanted with human hair, customized to create a near as possible match with the patients existing hair characteristics.

Non-Surgical Hair Transplant

We create a matrix of crisscrossing, transparent fiber fitted and shaped to the client’s thinning area. It is virtually invisible so it will take on the color of your skin. Anywhere you part the hair you will see your own scalp. More importantly, the matrix is porous. This is essential in that water, shampoo, heat and sweat may pass through the matrix giving your scalp the ability to “breathe”. In the shower you can actually feel the water hitting your scalp. Your own hair can continue to grow unobstructed. To this matrix, your new hair is added strand by strand, by hand, in the same natural way that it grows. There is a spiraling on
combing your hair, we will create a part or direction of the hair for easy styling.What this means is that when you brush your hair it all blends together, If someone were to touch your hair it would feel normal. Not only is the hair easy to style but you don’t have to worry about roughing it up you can go swimming, biking, jogging, anywhere life takes you. This is your hair.


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