Surgical Hair Transplant:

The technique that we employ is referred to as follicular unit grafting. This technique provides extraordinary naturalness. It allows the patient to have only one session and still have a natural appearance. With follicular unit grafting we isolate the naturally occurring hair groupings (hairs grow in groups of 1, 2, 3 or 4 hairs). The donor area is taken from the back of the head using magnification to avoid follicle damage. The procedure takes several hours depending on the number of grafts being transplanted. For a 2000 graft case the average time is about 6 hours. Patients are given local anesthesia (like a dentist uses) and an oral sedative and rest or watch movies/TV/Blackberry/ iPhone/iPad. Anesthetizing the areas is the only painful part of the session and the above technique usually causes less discomfort than a visit to the dentist. Bandages are avoided altogether. The following day the patient returns to have the areas checked and shampooed. After the procedure patients have crusting and mild redness in the recipient area that can last 7-10 days and it is normal for the transplanted hairs to “fall out” in the first few weeks. The hairs then recycle and begin growing in about three to four months. The results are often not visible for six months or somewhat longer with final results evident at 12 months. The results are permanent.

Surgical Hair Transplant:

Hair in the donor area is clipped to about 2-10 mm length. The hair above the donor site can generally camouflage immediately after the procedure. For such coverage, it is recommended that the hair in this area be left at least 1-1 ½ inches long for the procedure.

After anesthetizing the donor area, a specially designed scalpel is used to remove a “strip” of hair bearing scalp from the donor area. This area is usually closed with the “LEDGE” trichophyte closure developed by Dr. Rose which allows hairs to grow through the scar to minimize its appearance. In 90% or more of cases, strip scar lines are 2mm wide or less and are only visible if you pass a comb upward through the donor area and look carefully. The “strip” is then divided under microscopes into small follicular units containing 1-4 hairs. Small slits which are no larger than those that would be created by an injection needle are made in the recipient area and the grafts are placed into these small openings. It is recommended that pain medication is taken the first night.


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