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HairWorld is Pakistan’s most trusted Surgery Center specializing in FUE Hair Transplant in Pakistan and has a Hair transplant clinic in Islamabad, Hair transplant in Lahore. FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant surgery is the most preferred Hair treatment to stop excessive hair fall. Most importantly, Hair World has performed several successful procedures led by our professional and skilled Doctors.  We give patients remarkable results. Here at Hairworld, we offer modern and safe methods for Hair Transplant in Pakistan with peace of mind.

Best FUE Hair Transplant in Pakistan:

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) transplant also known as the follicular transfer is one best method of obtaining hair follicles or for Hair Transplant in Pakistan. For hair transplantation, another method is known as strip harvesting.

The follicular units obtained by this method are the building blocks of follicular unit transplantation.

FUE treatment

FUE Hair Transplant was firstly described in Japan, who introduced the use of a 1-mm needle for extracting follicular units. We provide the best FUE and PRP Hair Transplant major cities of Pakistan (Lahore and Islamabad)

Our Fue hair transplant clinic in Lahore and Islamabad are providing the latest technique for hair loss & baldness treatments. Micro follicular unit extraction is the most advance method used where a micro punch is used for graft extraction. There are many advantages to this latest technique. There are no visible scars or dots at the donor site so beard and body hairs are extracted and used for scalp hair restoration. Damage to the donor area is less and rapid healing or recovery. A large number of grafts can be extracted with micro F.U.E. hair transplant in Lahore and Islamabad.

It is the latest way to grow hair naturally. Donor area healthy grafts are transferred into hair loss or the bald area known as recipient zone. This procedure can not only be performed for the head but can also be used to restore eyelashes, eyebrows, and beards. Donor hair can be harvested by using a method called FUE. The surgeon first analyzes the patient’s scalp then suggests FUE treatment

FUE hair Transplant

There are some important things before selecting any clinic for the procedure. First and most important is the training and experience of the surgeon. Our surgeon has more than 20 years’ experience and highly qualified. There is no need to be scared of regarding poor or bad results. Qualification and experience matter for best and impressive results.

Hair transplant cost in Lahore and Islamabad at our clinic is affordable and we understand cost or price is important before selecting any clinic or doctor. We have different surgery packages and you can select according to his budget. We are using instruments from different countries and prices vary according to density, naturalness, and number of grafts. There is a different price in all cities of Pakistan as new doctors or newly established clinics will charge you less while an experienced doctor or clinic would charge you high. High hair transplant cost in Lahore is charged in very few clinics by surgeons

PRP Hair Treatment in Pakistan:

PRP HAIR TREATMENT in Pakistan is a non-surgical and one of the best hair loss treatments in Lahore and Islamabad. In PRP treatment done for hair loss, your blood is drawn and then injected into your scalp.  PRP treatment for hair loss improves the natural hair growth and also increases the thickness of the hairs.

Hair loss in males and females has an impact on the personality of the person. The Hair loss treatment and hair thinning treatment is important to save you from being bald. The hair regrowth also gives a boost to your personality and confidence.

PRP treatment

PRP Hair Treatment in Lahore is done as in procedure. Blood will be taken for PRP treatment and sent for preparation. Meanwhile, some local anesthesia will be injected into your scalp to numb the area for Hair Treatment. This will help in doing the PRP treatment properly. This Hair treatment may be done without numb injections but for some patients, it is rather uncomfortable.

Once the PRP injection for hair loss is ready then it is mixed with activator injection and then PRP therapy will be done under the skin at different areas of hair loss. It is a painless PRP treatment in Lahore and Islamabad.

PRP Hair treatment is done alone or combined with other Hair loss treatment in Islamabad Pakistan.

Hair Units in Pakistan:

The hair unit is also known as a man’s hair replacement. It is a non-surgical procedure that restores hair to those who have hair loss. This can be through balding or thinning, or other hair loss conditions issues caused by cancer treatment.

Doctors sometimes suggest the patients these Non-Surgical hair replacement units because sometimes they are good candidates for these hair units. Hair World deals in two special types of Hair Systems which are dependent on the quality and selection of fabric. These Special Hair Units are categorized as LSR Technology and Hi-Gen Worldwide Celebrity series.

Hair units

Hair Unit is a new latest technology known as the Live Skin Replica, which is a thin membrane that is unnoticeable to the human touch and it feels completely like human skin. Hair units basically have a thin base which is almost completely natural-looking and it adheres to your scalp without having any bumps. This gives the customer new confidence in himself and the customer can wear this hair unit without worrying that someone will see it or it will come off with water. These Hair units are completely natural-looking and no one can identify if you are wearing a hair unit or not.

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